Andalusia – Malaga, Grenada, Cordoba, CadĂ­z

Firstly with this cities prepare for one big jump to history. But in every this city you can find historical as well as modern city centres. Nice long walks, when if you let go your fantasy on, you can fell like you are in era of princesses. Malaga If you are not traveling on New […]

Accomodation tips for Philippines

We started to look for first accommodation after million hour flight, totally tired, when boat from Cebu island spit us out on island Bohol city Tagbilaran :-D. We didn’t know where to go, there were girl alone and she looked like, that she knows where to go, so we went with her with tricycle to […]

Maldives 2017

When you travel to this paradise from middle Europe like me, prepare yourself for loooong journey 🙂 When you are almost in the end, that means that you are arriving to capital city Male, you can see something unbelievable from plane. Hundreds of small island will welcome you there. And that view is breathtaking. Basic […]

Backpacking in Philippines

When you start to plan trip to this country is great to know few tips. For few of them I would kill, to know them before my travels. But truth is that we, start planing our trip when we came out the plane on Cebu Island, not before 😀 So, I literally did’t know ANYTHING […]