Tartufo festival in Alba

Every autumn is in Italy this special Tartufo event. For more than month around small village Alba is everything turning just around this special mushroom. If you like Tartufy you really need to go there and try. For me once and I don’t need to go again, but it is worth it. And even for vine lovers, because around Alba are specialist for red vine, villages like Barolo and others. What can be more romantic than drink amazing Barolo vine directly in Barolo village which is under Alba.

We started our trip in Milano with two days shopping. When you are in Milano you really need to visit thatamazing cathedral Duomo in city center. Duomo is surrounded with all shops worth to visit and even next to it is famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II where you can find fancy restaurants and and top expensive shops like Louis Vuitton, Prada and others like this. Others top shops like Burberry, Gucci, Cartier and others you can find on street Monte Napoleone. If you will be tired from shopping than go to see Castelo Sforzesco, its not far from Duomo, like 10minutes of walk. Worth to see 🙂

Than we traveled to Alba for festival. Easiest way is to rent car directly on the airport. Arround you can find many great restaurants which are hidden but they have michelin stars. For sure make reservations soon enough because during the festival is everything fully booked for every evening and the same is with accommodation. So make sure that you book everything really in advance. During festival we have been there on Saturday, and there were markets on the street with amazing stuff, from clothes to amazing cheese, vine and food. Inside of the festival there you can find special menu of food with Tartufs, but prepare your wallet for that, its not cheap. There is so many people inside and not enough tables, what I was so surprised and for money what they want its terrible. I was quite disappointed with standards of dinning. Count with that you can buy there a lot of great food and stuff to home and even vines, so if you travel by airplane there, book for you even checked baggage for all these goodies.

Let me know if you liked it <3

Map of event


Internazionale Tartufo Bianco D'Alba
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