On my trip to South Spain I could not miss this place and it was from Malaga just 2 hours of drive by car. When you pass the borders it is like to go trough some portal and in few minutes from Spain you get to United Kingdom. You can find there almost everything from UK classics, even the double-decker. We went there for New Years Eve and it was amazing to watch Moroccan, Spanish and British fireworks from one place.

Tips: Don’t forget your passport or ID, you go trough the borders, do NOT pay by euros (it will be more expensive for you), and almost everywhere they take credit card, so don’t withdraw from ATM if it is not necessary. And if you will have some pounds left, than do not leave Gibraltar with them, change them on Euros there, it is impossible to change them back somewhere else in the world, except UK and Gibraltar. If you will be there for New Years Eve, than count with that everything will be closed on 1.1..

This country is like small city, so you can see everything during one or two days 🙂

Top points of Gibraltar:

  1. Rock of Gibraltar, with many viewpoints, sightseeings and cute Macaques.
  2. Gibraltar cable car – going to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar
  3. St. Michaels Cave.
  4. Windsor Suspension bridge. (on main photo)
  5. Alameda Wildlife park.
  6. Historical British city centre.
  7. Viewpoint from lighthouse on the end of the Gibraltar.

So if you want to go up to Rock of Gibraltar you can use taxi or Gibraltar cable car, on 1.1. 2019 was Cable car closed so we went by taxi for price of 20euro per person, they will take you through all the stops where you can not go by your own car. They took us for many viewpoints from where you can see whole Gibraltar, sky walk and you can see amazing airport which part of its is built on sea. Its quite far, so taking taxi was really nice. If you have car, you can go by it on first stop and from there is possible to go for a walk to St. Michaels Cave which is in UNESCO and there is light show, worth to see. With one ticket for 12Euro for person you can go through all stuff on the Rock, they will give you stamp on it everywhere, so do not lose it. From cave we went by walk half kilometre to Windsor suspension bridge, I was lucky and we were there alone, amazing views. On every step on Rock you can meet monkeys, from small ones to big ones and they are so cute. Enjoy but be careful because they are fearless and often they jump on people. They are smelly but harmless 🙂 If you can stand it you will have great picture.

St. Michael’s Cave

Everyone said that Alameda Wildlife park is worth to see, unfortunately we didn’t have time for that one. If you like green and animals for sure go there 🙂

City centre of Gibraltar are nice streets from which ones is Great Britain just showing you the best from small English villages. That streets are really marvellous. Nice for half an hour walk and have a coffee there, nothing more.

Than we went by car around whole Gibraltar and from that was best place on the end, from where if is nice weather you can see Morocco. There is nice red light house, mosque, playground for kids, monument for remembrance of wars and underground information museum.

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If you are around it is really worth to go and see this different place.

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Gibraltar on New Years Eve and what you can see on this amazing place.

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