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What I can say about this marvelous city on the south of Spain? I felt in love with it. Sooooo loooong beach side, where you can just walk and listen to sound of sea and actually its many kilometres walk. 🙂  There are amazing restaurants just on beach, many caffee’s and ice-cream stands, it was crowded, but everyone I met had big smile on their face. I think that it’s not best place for me in summer time, because it will be too much, too much people everywhere, no place on beach etc. But during autumn till spring time, it is wonderful place where to stay. I was there around New Years Eve and it was amazing 20 degrees on the sun. I was soo surprised that it is possible in continental Europe have in January weather for just t-shirt. 

So where to live and what to do in this amazing city? Ok so it depense on time of the year. During summer time, thats easy, bitch beach please and see sea 😀 And for other season there is plenty stuff what to do. So firstly I can recommend this 3*hotel El Faro Marbella, which one has even apartments, its clean and very nice for valuable price. And what is top, its just 2minutes walk from sea and the same from restaurants, centre etc. And now, what to do in Marbella:

  1. Loosing yourself in historical city centre
  2. Enjoy the views from Mirador Nueva Andalucia
  3. Great meal in this fishing village
  4. Climb to the El Juanar
  5. Street market of Centro Plaza

And close to Marbella you can find this amazing places:

Bioparc – Fuengirola

This well made parc/zoo you can find in Fuengirola and its 15minutes far away from Marbella. They are open for 365days from 10am and they closing time depends on time of the year, during summer holidays they are open till 23pm and during winter time it was till 18:00pm. This park is not so big, you can slowly walk around and you are done in 1,5 hour, but its worth it. Surroundings and animal enclosures are very nice made and animals looks great. I absolutely loved, that they have there some kinds which I never saw on my own eyes before, like Tapir, baby Hippopotamus, two kinds of Lemurs and other. More you can find in attachments and Bioparc map and some pictures I made in gallery.

Bioparc map   Basic info


Butterfly Park

This park is small building, fulfilled with butterflies and informations about them. You can freely walk inside of the house and big butterflies are just fling around you. You can watch their moves, how they feed them, the whole story of they life from larva to nice butterfly and even everything about silk. There are other animals walking freely around the place, like a big turtles and small kangaroo. More info in attachments.

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Stupa of Enlightenment – Benalmadéna

It is on the opposite side of the road next to the Butterfly Park and it is
Large Buddhistic monument to enlightenment containing a meditation hall and an array of sacred objects. Next to the monument is nice viewpoint and really strange Rustico park, which is opened for 24h. If you have any idea what the hell is this Rustico park, let me know in comments, thanx 🙂



Sea Life – Benalmádena

Unfortunately I did’t have time to go there, but from attachments here, it looks really nice and online there is so much nice written about this place. And it is not far from Bioparc, something about just 10 minutes. 🙂

More info about this park in attachments.

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Colomares Monument

On this place you can find castle which looks a like from fairytales and dreams. Entrance cost just 2euros, and you will see something incredible. See my gallery and believe me, from pictures its just half of what you will find there. This castle was build by one spanish doctor and just two builders and this three people build it with their own hands just in 7 years. It is monument in the form of castle, dedicated to the life and adventures of the great explorer Christopher Columbus. It is largest monument in the world to this explorer and it also contains the smallest church in the world.


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Andalusia - Marbella
What you can see in Andalusia around city Marbella.

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