Advanced mermaid

I always love water and snorkeling so in 2007 I did my open water diver course. It is still for me something unbelievable. When I inhaled and exhaled under the water for the first time I felt in love with this sport. That feeling was amazing and still is for me, I still feel that I do something what is not possible, and that is point which I love. Because we are not made to breath under the water, but its possible.

Underwater selfie
Underwater selfie

I dont have so much experience, but I was diving in Egypt, Mexico, Croatia, Thailand and Malta. Here in Malta I had time so I decided that is time to move on and I did my advanced lessons.

This course started with repetition of stuff what I should know (and I knew :-D). Than I had my first dive in Malta and it was disaster. My dive master, because of bad weather, took me to Sliema Harbor and I hate it. It was like diving on a dumpster, there were cans, bottles and lot of mess around. I passed there my boyancy part of exams and I refused my second dive on that place. So we reshedulled my wreck dive for another place.

So never ever go diving to Sliema Harbor, there are better places on Malta 🙂

Wreck dive
Wreck dive

All my other dives were on Cirkewwa and it was much better. It wasn’t my best dives in my live, but my dive master was challenging me a lot. Here are parts of my dives:

I am Claustrophobic, and under the water even more, maybe because of preasure of the water. And my dive master took me to hole in a rock where is possible to swim trough that, on video you can see, my scared face, huge eyes on my glasses :-D. I made it 🙂

Other point is that I am really scared about everything underwater what is not naturally there. So wreck is something what scares me a lot. So why not to go to a wreck dive 😀 This dive was so amazing and terriffing in one.

I can say now that wreck dive on Malta was the best dive there at all. That wreck even have a machine gun in front of the boat :-D. But underwater life is in Malta quite poor, I hopped for little bit more. But right now I just can think about that machine gun 😀

Machine gun
Machine gun

Something about Advanced open water diver course:

I was so surprised how easy it was. You need to pass 5 dives and just self study. You get a book, where you should study 5 parts of it and than alone fill in 2 pages of questions of each part. Really easy stuff.


3 dives are given, 1. boyancy, 2. deep dive, 3. navigation and other 2 you can choose. I chose wreck dive and  dive with more percentage oxygen so I could be in deep longer.

I had my first emergency situation under the water, I lost my weight, It was really strange how fast I was going up and I didn’t panic, my body naturally knew that I need to swam down. I caught my dive master and rock and I kept calm, then I realiased that I lost it in the cave, I swam back there and it was really there, I put it back and than it was every think ok.

Like this it looks easy, aaaah just lost weight, but I was 10 minutes in 28-30m so I couldn’t just let my self go up, because it is dangerous for my body and I would get decompression illness.

Differences which I can feel between open water diver and advanced diver are the danger, because when you are just till 18m deep you can still go up and nothing that wrong can happend, but when you are deep like advanced there are more risk. Other point is that I breath fast under the water and more deeper I am more faster I am breathing and I am much more tired from deep dives but that could be just my problems 😀

All dives I passed with no troubles so I am Advanced mermaid right now <3

Advanced mermaid
Article Name
Advanced mermaid
Short intro to diving and to advanced open water diver course.

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