Maldives 2017

When you travel to this paradise from middle Europe like me, prepare yourself for loooong journey 🙂 When you are almost in the end, that means that you are arriving to capital city Male, you can see something unbelievable from plane. Hundreds of small island will welcome you there. And that view is breathtaking.

Atolls from plane
Atolls from plane

Basic facts about Maldives:

  • The Maldives is flattest country in the world, because its highest point is just 2,4 m above sea level, that means that highest is some small sand dune 😀
  • The longest road in the Maldives is only 14km long, so I thing vehicles not needed in this country 😀
  • Fastest growing island is Thilafushi and its all made from trash. the rubish is used as landfill in an effort to continuously expand the island.
  • Despite the fact that there are loads of sharks living in Maldives, there hasn’t been a recorded shark attack for the last 32 years. Lucky country 🙂
  • The Maldives has 25 protected marine areas, set up in part to ensure the protection of popular diving.
  • The highest recorded temperature in the Maldives was 36,6 degrees and the lowest one was 17,2 degrees, at that time locals imagines movie Frozen this way 😀

    Maldives sunset
    Maldives sunset
  • There is long history of of ships hitting the unmapped or unmarked areas, reefs, sand bunks and so on and there are really hundreds of wreck. So Maldives are really amazing for wreck diving and many of this shipwrecks are popular.
  • Drinking water is real problem in Maldives and they are using reverse osmosis for transformation of salt water in to drinking one. That is expensive business there.
  • Thulusdhoo Island in  North Male Atoll is the only Coca-Cola factory in the world that produces the famed beverage with its distinct flavour from seawater. 🙂 Yeah their Coke is salty 🙂


Tips and Tricks:

  • Before you go, find out where and how far from Male is your Atoll, because sometimes its far far away, and than is much better to go the with Hydroplane, than with boat, because it can take a whole day to get there and with hydroplane, its more expensive but its worth it because its fast and even for the view from that plane. That view is breathtaking and one of must see in Maldives, real experience during travel.
  • Be careful when you look for your hotel or resort. I prefer to take resort which is one and only on the island and one with all inclusive, because on Maldives you pay a fortune for everything what is not included. And if you like privacy be careful which type of resort you choose. That ones with bungalows on the water looks amazing, but there is lot of BUTS…
  • BUTS: you don’t have privacy, because when you go swimming you are next to each other, so there is none, mostly are bungalows on the water kind a far from the rest of the stuff in resort and its long walk for everything and mostly not in shade. And basically this type of island doesn’t have beach, and I would miss that… 🙂 So I think its important to really think that through, which type is that one best option for you.
  • We have been in really nice resort Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives its Premium All-Inclusive Resort and its in amazing Lhaviyani Atoll and you can check it here :
    Kanifushi Bathroom
    Kanifushi Bathroom

    They have much to offer, amazing food, great bungalow on the beach and so much privacy, which I enjoy on this kind of vacation.  Bungalows are between trees, and every bungalow is really generous in space, have unbeliavable bathroom, which is half outside, because it doesn’t have ceiling and huge part of beach just for you, with wonderful going to sea (no stones, no reefs just sand and turquoise water). For traveling around the island you can use bikes, which are everywhere for free and its really romantic to ride around. Resort has many restaurants, diving school and you can use their stuff like, paddle board, windsurfs and so on, so for me so much fun.

  • In Maldives must is to go and try diving, because that underwater life there is absolute TOP. I saw 2m sharks, Napoleon fish, Mantas, sea turtles and so much more <3
  • There is not so much to do – prepare yourself for that – but you will rest like on not another place.
Family Christmas Dive - Maldives
Family Christmas Dive – Maldives

I came home like new person after two weeks, hundreds kilometres swam, thousands of pages read, paddling a lot, diving a lot, tried windsurfing for the first time…. Once a year must do vacation 🙂

Just go, see and chillax…

XoXo Mia :-*


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My trip to amazing Maldives, everything I've done there and my diving experience. Tips for you 🙂

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