Golden Wake Tour 2019 – Stops

Complete info about all stops for Golden Wake Tour 2019 is coming soon!!! IWWF Golden Wake Tour 2019 consists 5 stops of the following competitions in Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Czech republic and Slovakia. 1. Wakepark Dooplek, Slovenia Training & registration: 24.5. 2019 Competition: 25.-26.05. 2019 Cable: counterclockwise 5 tower cable Type: International 3* IWWF competition Disciplines: wakeboard, wakeskate, wakeboard seated […]

Europe & Africa cable wakeboard championship 2018 / Open and Seated

First article about this competition is about Youth&Senior part, where you can find all info about this part of the competition. In this article you will find small info about what happened after Youth&Senior categories and for sure all the results of Open&Seated categories. On Thursday we started with registrations and training times for all […]

Europe & Africa cable wakeboard championship 2018 / Youth&Senior

This is the time of year, when the best European and African cable wakeboard riders meet on one place. This year they all met in wonderful place in Wakeparadise Milano, Italy. It was milenium 20th IWWF European & African Championship. Everything started on 11.8. 2018 when registration for youth&senior comp started. Than till Wednesday were […]