Golden Wake Tour 2019 – Stops

Complete info about all stops for Golden Wake Tour 2019 is coming soon!!! IWWF Golden Wake Tour 2019 consists 5 stops of the following competitions in Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Czech republic and Slovakia. 1. Wakepark Dooplek, Slovenia Training & registration: 24.5. 2019 Competition: 25.-26.05. 2019 Cable: counterclockwise 5 tower cable Type: International 3* IWWF competition Disciplines: wakeboard, wakeskate, wakeboard seated […]

Golden Wake Tour 2019 – basic info

1.   Organizers: Bratislava Wake Club Šustekova 37, Bratislava, 851 00, Slovakia 2.   Rules: All IWWF Golden Wake Tour competitions will be carried out according to the rules of the IWWF Wakeboard World Council. Please note, a suitable helmet and a life vest (jacket) have to be worn during all competitions. Actual version of IWWF rules can be downloaded […]

Golden Wake Tour 2018

Golden wake tour is 3* cable wakeboard IWWF competition with 5 stops this year on 5 different cables with donation of 1800 world ranking points and 4.000 euro cash prize money and other prizes from many our great sponsors. On this competitions during the summer season were fighting hundreds of riders from 11 European countries, as […]