Addiction 1 – books

I have lot of addictions and in this article I will introduce you one of them.

Reading books <3

On a first sight, you would say that I never saw a book in my life 😀 or she is not a person who ever read a book , but total opposite is truth. All this started with first book, which I get from my granny JK. It was first part of Harry Potter, I know its little bit cliché 😀 I got this book when I was 11 and Harry was in this book 11 too, so I felt much closer to him and from that I was every year waiting for another part and I was growing with this books.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter

With this first book I found out this escape from reality and I absolutely felt in love with books in general. So between waiting for another part of Harry Potter books, I was forming and looking for another books, which I would enjoy. I have list of my favourites now and I found out that, its from lots of genres in there. I enjoy thrillers, fantasy, psychological and educational books. Ok its not that much genres, but I really love books about mass murderers 😀

After I found my lovely genres there was another point. There is lot of time what we just waist and we can use it for us. For example driving in car, running or walking on the treadmill, walks with dog and so on and I was still thinking, how can I use this time for me. And I found out AUDIOBOOKS, I felt in love with them immediately, because you drive somewhere and on that time you listen to book, so you use the same time double and that journey looks shorter. Whenever is possible I use my headphones and I listen a book.

In the beginning I can say that it was really hard for me to concentrate for longer time than 20 minutes, but wait and try 2 longer books and after that you will find out that with every book you can stay focused for longer time J. And this point is really important in normal life, now I can stay focused much longer, even for hours when I am driving to somewhere far far away.


So find out your genre of book and you will see how this can make your life much better. In my opinion everybody would enjoy reading books, you just need to find author or genre, which you will enjoy and there love in books begins.

List of my favourite authors and books <3

Boris Starling: Messiah

Stieg Larsson: Milenium series

Jussi Adler – Olsen : Department Q

Jeffery Deaver: The bone collector

Jean Christophe Grangé – Les riviéres pourpre

K. Rowling – Harry Potter

Beats solo wireless
Beats solo wireless

For audiobooks I use headphones Beats Solo Wireless and I absolutely loves them, design is awesome and they are really user friendly. I have iPhone and with it is usage great, you just turn them ON and they pair automatically (you configure it just for the first time). On headphones you have play and pause and volume. When you double click on main button its next than. There is no back button, but I don’t need it so much, or maybe it is and I just don’t know about it 😀 Other great think is that when you are out of battery, you still can listen, you just to need plug in there cable. So fun never stops just never forget to take your cable with you 😀 😀 😀

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Addiction 1 - books
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Addiction 1 - books
How it all started about my book addiction 🙂

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