2016 RECAP

Happy New Year to every one !

And for knowing how was that year 2016 I choose to recapitulate what I did, what I tried and what was new and I will do it month by month and I hope that I do not forget anything.

It was one of my best years so let’s start with this 🙂


  • Finished last exams in Uni and started with final thesis
  • Been snowboarding and skiing two times in Austria, Classical Lienz time



  • Been on Chopok Slovakia for snowboarding with friends
  • After exams needed rest so off to Thailand – Phuket 3 weeks
  • Finished my final thesis in Thailand



  • Still one week in Thailand
  • wanna prepare for final oral examination in uni
  • Snowboarding with friends in Austria – girlzzz trip



  • I dont remember 😀
  • But I think that I still didn’t start with studing for finals



  • nothing special, because I finally started to study
  • Passed final examination and became magister of Law
  • Party
  • Party
  • Party



  • start of wakeboard competition season
  • wakeboarding in Turncable Germany
  • Hikking trip to Schladming Austria – with my doggy and girlzzz
  • Trip to wakepark Gyor Hungary
  • Made exams for being 3* wakeboard competition judge
  • Golden Trophy competition in Slovakia where sis won it again



  • Hula girls wakeboard camp where I teach
  • Many trips and comp which I don’t remember I just know that it was that much that I was not at home at all



  • competitions and wake everywhere 😀
  • Downhill biking trip to Schladming Austria with my girlzzz
  • 2. Hula girls wakeboard camp
  • Cabo verde – Island Sal



  • should go to America for longer time, but my friend broke her hand, so than I was looking for another plan and I decided to go to Iceland, but that crashed too
  • Applied for Juris doctor (Judr.) studies
  • 2. downhill biking trip with my girlzzz
  • I enjoyed time at home after long time 🙂



  • changed all plans again
  • 5.10. I sit in my car and left to Malta till 12.12. (already there are articles about that and will be more)






  • Malta left at 10.12 – 2 whole days in car and 12.12. night I was finally at home but not for long 😀
  • 13.12. enjoyed day at home, repacked luggages, went for 3 beers with friends
  • 14.12. left to Maldives
  • 28.12. back home
  • 30.12. we celebrated Christmas
  • 31. 12. Home party with my friends



1x finished university

1x aplied for further study

Made Advaced open water diver license

3* wakeboard judge license

Visited 8 different countries

Lived 3 month in Malta

Tried 5 new sports

Was diving with sharks

Was abble to drive 2300km in car by my self 2 times 😀

Driving car on opposite site without accident

Finally started my personal blog, about what I love


This year was so fucking amazing, interesting and learnt me so much new stuff, write in comments what was best for you in 2016.

2017 I looking forward to you and for everything new is coming <3

2016 recap
Article Name
2016 recap
Recapitulation of year 2016, because it was great year.

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